Wild Turkeys Dusting

I just love watching the critters around our home. Every year I look forward to seeing the wild turkey hens bring out their chicks into the fields that surround us.

It is hard to see the chicks because of the grass in the fields being really high. I look for them to cross the one trail that goes up through the field. Seeing them only briefly and sooo far away that it is hard to photograph them. Oh yes I have tried to get that shot, but without success. Usually they look blurred or so small you can’t see the details of them.

Woke up this morning and I always look out our bedroom window . The window faces our pasture. I am always looking to see what our horse is doing or if their is any critters roaming with him. To my surprise I get to see the wild turkeys hens with their chicks. They found a great spot in the pasture to dust themselves. This they love to do to help with deterring the bugs. It is so cute to watch the chicks mimic what mom does. The dust was just a flying this morning. 🙂

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