This is Going to be Great Fun!!!

Fun variety of cakes! My talented sister, Paula, made these cakes for me.

What fun I am going to have doing “Cake Smashes!” I am talking about kids and adults alike to do cake smashes for their birthday. You don’t have to be a kid, just a kid at heart, to do cake smashes. How fun is this? 

I just had a variety of cakes made specifically for this. Here are some pictures of the cakes that were made. Do you see one that you like?

I can decorate this style of cake with flowers. It is so pretty and fun to do. We can decorate it any way you like. I have a variety of flowers to use. Here are just a few ways to decorate this cake.


I have been thinking about so many different ways to set up. I love the simple, get to the main subject type of shots. What is the main subject? Well it is you! Or maybe your child. The weather is getting nice outside and that is a great place to have a photo shoot.

Lately I have been seeing lots of buttercups in the fields. How cool would it be to have a cake smash in all those buttercups?! I can also setup in my studio to do one. This is one I did in my studio. The family brought in their own cake and I arranged accordingly. How sweet is this?


“I am 3!”

If you are interested in a cake smash you can contact me at Schedule appointment and let’s discuss your special birthday and the location of your smash!

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