I am excited to announce I got my first blog up and running!

Well it took me all day to figure out the site and still working on learning it. But I had to post my first blog!  I think I called godaddy.com about a 100 times. (It felt like it. LOL!) But they were really helpful in getting me started on the basics. I am sure I will be changing a lot on my site. Looking forward to blogging and get more intimate with my friends and customers. I want to show how hard I have worked on my website to introduce you to my art through my photography. I want to use this opportunity to offer tips, specials and whatever I have to offer. So excited to get this going. I will say it is another learning curve for me. But I will get this

I do want to tell you a little about where I am from and a little about me. I am originally from Smethport. I grew up in this little town all my childhood life and returned in my adult life to live. I grew up with four siblings, two brothers, Willy and Mike, and two sisters, Paula (Poo Poo, as I call her.) and Kelly. I had great parents, Bill and Carlyn, and just recently lost my dad last year. I have four children, two sets of twins. Identical boys, Jereme and Jesse, and identical girls, Trisha and Melissa. I am now remarried and married to a wonderful husband, Dave, that supports me in my love of photography. I inherited more children, Davey, Amy and Christina. I have several grandchildren and inherited more, along with great grandchildren. We have a few pets, which include one horse, Buddy and two dogs, Sassy and Sarge. You will probably hear me talk about them all occasionally.

My heading picture is of Hamlin Lake, in Smethport, Pennsylvania. Smethport is a historical site and has a lot of history. We have many beautiful homes and buildings that are just interesting to go see. Smethport is in the seat or hub of McKean County. Thus our school teams are derived from this and they are called the “Hubbers”. People think our team name is a little weird until they hear the story on how it became that name. Interesting historical fact is… “According to the history of Elk, Cameron and McKean Counties, in 1816 early settlers in McKean County took canoes to Pittsburgh for supplies. Upon their return, one of the canoes, loaded with potatoes, capsized in the water. The name was given to the creek by local Indians after witnessing the incident. Further details explain that in 1815, Mt.Tambora, a volcano in Indonesia erupted. It is estimated that 82,000 people died as a result of the explosion and its year-long after effects. Probably as a result of the worldwide ash clouds, people in the earth’s northern hemisphere suffered devastating frosts and early snows in 1816 — known in the Northeastern United States as the “year without a summer.” Crops also failed on the meager pioneer farms in McKean County. Isaac Burlingame and his father in law, Timothy Wolcott (the spelling of the name had actually been changed from Walcott) traveled by canoe to Pittsburgh taking six weeks to make the journey. They returned with desperately needed food supplies. Oral history recounts how one of their canoes tipped spilling potatoes into the creek. The local Seneca Indians noted this event with the word that these settlers recalled as “nunundah.” The Seneca word for ‘potato’ is ‘ononoda’ — with a pronunciation quite close to the word ‘nunundah’. The creek was subsequently named “Nunundah Creek” (today it is just called “Potato Creek”), and the yearbook at nearby Smethport High School is named “Nunundah.”~by Pam Burlingame.” There are so much more I could tell you about our town that I am sure you would find fascinating. But I will stop there.

And my final words is at the end of my day I enjoy family and still enjoy the area. Saw 5 deer at the edge of our property and witnessed a gorgeous sky with the sun setting. I truly enjoy seeing the wildlife come around our home and witness the beautiful sunsets.  From my love of art, I find myself wanting to document and create beautiful photos of our surroundings. I look forward to the changing seasons with the new growth of green in the Spring, flowers blooming during the Summer, the changing colors of the leaves in the Fall and the pure white snow in the Winter. I hope you all enjoy my photography and my blogs. I look forward to posting them! Feel free to follow my blogs and don’t be afraid to comment. I would love to interact with you. https://coraahearnphotographics.com

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