Finally Got Him!

Finally got a picture of this guy! Sandhill Crane                                                                                                                                                                                 

After being contacted by one of my friends, Becky Naylor, several times in a message, that she heard and saw this bird, I finally got a picture. Becky kept messaging me about this bird being near her home. She kept hearing him. She would message me and say “I hear him!” I would say…” I can’t get over there.” several times. Finally I went over with a fellow photographer friend to look without success. Which really sadden me that I missed him and that he could have left the area. I was delighted though once again to receive another message from Becky that she hears him again! I told her I would definitely be over. I finally arrived and started looking for him. I rolled down my window to see if I could hear him. Then I did! I jumped out of my car with camera in hand. Looking around I finally spotted him. There he was! I was happy to see him. But was disappointed that I wasn’t close enough to photograph a good picture with the lens I had on my camera. So started to look around to see if I could get closer, which meant I had to drive to different location. I had a ditch between the bird and myself. So I drove quickly off and got to a better location to photograph him. What a great time I had. I was able to get fairly close to him. But I pushed my limits and he flew off. But not without me getting a few good shots of him! Yeah! The bird I am talking about is a “Sandhill Crane“. What is really neat about this particular bird is it normally isn’t found in our area. He somehow came to our area for an unknown reason. But I am so blessed to be able to photograph him while he is here, for however long he decides to stay. Because tomorrow he may be gone. I call him a he because I don’t know the sex of the bird. It could be a she. 🙂

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